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2020 Criteria for Nomination


  • Candidate must be a Wendell Phillips High School graduate or must have attended Wendell Phillips High School for at least 3 years and must NOT have graduated from any other high school.

  • Candidate must be sponsored by a current member of the Wendell Phillips High School Hall of Fame.

  • Candidate’s sponsor must verify and authenticate any and all information contained in the candidate’s resume.

  • Candidate must have a favorable attitude toward Wendell Phillips Academy High School, its students and be willing to give of their time, money and other resources to ensure its future.

  • Candidate must have an outstanding record of accomplishments.

  • Candidate must be of good moral standing and must be a positive role model for students.

  • Candidate must be willing to give of his/her time, money or other resources to promote the future of Wendell Phillips Academy High School.

  • Candidates can be nominated posthumously. .However, the candidate’s relatives or sponsor must be willing to carry out all of the requirements of induction that the nominee cannot perform.

  • Candidate must submit all required forms with corroborating documentation and a full resume.

  • Candidate must be approved by at least two-thirds of the Wendell Phillips High School Hall of Fame Committee.

  • Candidate must be informed at time of application that a fee of $250.00 must be paid AND a minimum of two (2) full-page ads must be submitted for the souvenir ad book. 

  • Candidate must submit one 8 x 10 black and white, glossy, chest and up, portrait-oriented photo and one wallet-size photo of the same pose along with the fee.

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